Light 'Em Up!

Fire up your engines and take flight into a world that is dominated by an evil race of hostile robot drones. Armed with your trusted machine gun and a large selection of experimental weapon-upgrades that can be found scattered across the levels, your job is to get as far as possible while destroying anything that moves.

Using a mix of arcade shoot ’em up gameplay, tilt controls and physics, this game is sure to test your skills in the most entertaining way possible.

Get ready to get in touch with your destructive side as you lift-off and Light ’em Up!

Key Features

  • Non-stop action.
  • Three unique levels with different enemies and vastly different layouts and aesthetics.
  • Multiple powerups spread throughout each level temporarily upgrading your weaponry to help your destruction.
  • Upgradable engine, weapon, armor and powerups.
  • Amazing handcrafted graphics.
  • Different leaderboards to compare your skill level with others.
  • A series of achievements to unlock.


  • Publisher: Suttung Digital
  • Developer: Asbjørn Sporaland and Edvin Avdagic
  • Platforms: iPhone and iPad
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: Ages 9+
  • Release date: 10th July 2015
LIGHT 'EM UP! gameplay

About the Developers

Light ’em Up is developed by Asbjørn Sporaland and Edvin Avdagic. Asbjørn is responsible for all the programming, while Edvin has created all of the art. The game is published by Suttung Digital and it has been developed in tight cooperation with them.

All of the music is composed by Stian Bore, and the sound effects have been generously shared by the community.


The game started as a summer project by Asbjørn Sporaland during his bachelor degree in game programming. Edvin Avdagic joined in with art for the game and over time it developed into a fun and action packed game. A while after founding the game development studio Suttung Digital together with four other people, they all decided to finish the development of the game and release it as Suttung Digital. Edvin and Asbjørn worked around the clock to make the game as solid and fun as possible. Revamped with completely new art, powerup pickups, vehicle upgrades and multiple levels, it was ready hit the App Store and let players enjoy the action packed game: Light ’em Up!

LIGHT 'EM UP! gameplay
LIGHT 'EM UP! gameplay


Images for your viewing pleasure or for press. Download all images as a zip file here.