In this modern reimagining of a classic game, you play as a red little box named Kin-Kou. The goal of the game is to rack up as high of a score as you possibly can. Along the way, you’ll encounter obstacles and obtain powers, all of which can both aid you or hinder you.

Prepare for some hectic gameplay as you compete with people from all over the world for that number one spot on the global leaderboards!

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Key Features

  • Classic gameplay with a twist.
  • Simple concept.
  • Fun and accessible to everyone.
  • Unique powers with great variety.
  • Challenging obstacles.
  • Unique and colorful artstyle.
  • Every sound effect is a musical instrument.
  • Global and local leaderboards.
  • Achievements.


  • Developer: Suttung Digital
  • Platform: Android
  • Price: Free
  • Rating: Everyone
  • Release date: 30th October 2015
LIGHT 'EM UP! gameplay


The game started out as Magnus’ and Asbjørn’s school project during fall 2013, with the working title Ultragame. At that point, it was a simple reverse pong with a neon color artstyle. It was picked back up in December, 2014, as we were looking at possible projects to work on. Jakob was given the task of fleshing out a more complete design, and he also made some mockups for the artstyle while he was at it. We have been working on the project full time since April, 2015.

LIGHT 'EM UP! gameplay
LIGHT 'EM UP! gameplay


Images for your viewing pleasure or for press. Download all images as a zip file here.